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A Love Affair...Rekindled

My first job was at the Byron Public Library. It was a great job and I would bring home five or six books each night after work.

That love affair has recently been rekindled. I now take my children to the Toronto District Library. The moment I walked into that library those memories came flooding back. I remembered how much I love this place. Everyone there is sitting quietly working on their computers or reading a book in a corner or browsing for something new.

It is a magical setting and I am so glad to be back there and so glad to be introducing the public library to my children. Hopefully it will give them the same pleasure it has me.

#firstjob #byronpubliclibrary #greatjob #fiveorsixbookspernight #loveaffair #rekindledloveaffair #torontodistrictlibrary #magicalsetting #samepleasure #normawalton #normajeanwalton

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