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My mom and dad came over for breakfast. My eldest daughter helped Nana make her signature pancakes. All four of my children ate Papa's special bacon and sausages with enthusiasm. I contributed strawberries, grapes and orange juice. It was a feast with seven of my favourite people in the world. What a marvelous way to start Mother's Day weekend.

My hat's off to the teachers who make their students create beautiful keepsakes from them for Mother's Day. My loot was beautiful this year and made me quite glad I didn't live in British Columbia and that the kids did not attend Albert McMahon Elementary School. I always treasure the gifts and appreciate the effort from the children and the teachers.

Mothers are special. My mom is special. My children are special. Motherhood is a sacred relationship and a divine responsibility. I am grateful every day that I still have my mom. I am grateful for every day that I am able to spend with my children.

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