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Glorious June

June is my birth month so it is a sentimental favourite.

Now that I have children, though, it is also a busy and joyful month because the weather is warm, the nights are long, the children are outside all the time playing with each other and friends, and everything seems a little happier and a little easier.

Seasonal mood disorder is real. I see it in my co workers. I see it in my own moods. When it is dark in the morning and dark in the early evening, it inevitably affects your perspective and attitude. June washes all that darkness away. Bright and beautiful, we are heading towards the summer equinox, the longest day of the year...11 days and counting.

Like the children, I want to be outdoors in June...walking, reading, watching the kids play, soaking up the sunshine and the warm weather, marveling at the two cardinals that have decided to call our backyard home...

Welcome June...we will enjoy every extra long day.

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