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The Power of Family

My children are immensely fortunate. They have an abundance of love from family and friends all around them.

In addition to our love, their Aunt Wendy loves them like her own, as does my friend Amy and her mom Gail. They have a loving grandma and grandpa who spend a ton of time with them. Our nephews, their cousins, could easily be part of our immediate family.

I believe that to thrive in life you need one or two people that truly adore you. They are blessed with many more than that. They soak up all that affection and it creates both stability and security in their personalities.

I am very fortunate to have two loving aunts in my life, my Aunt Mary and Aunt Debbie. Their affection adds a further layer of richness to my life for which I am immensely grateful.

Growing up with love from family and friends makes you strong. It forges special lifelong relationships that provide the foundation for happiness in life. I join my children in being immensely fortunate.

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