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Filthy 5K Fun

The 5K Foamfest has become a filthy and fun family tradition.

This is our third year running (and walking) it and it keeps getting better each year. My boys ran with their cousin and their friend. All of them got muddy, stinky, wet, filthy and foamy on the 22 obstacles along the 5K course. I ran (walked) with my eldest daughter and my girlfriend, who exclaimed halfway through that her body was covered in stinky smelly muddy foam. That is exactly what we paid for.

Our two little ones played on the bouncy castles while the older ones ran. My sister-in-law joined us along with my girlfriend's mom. It was a perfectly hot day for the run.

We ended the day at Jack Astors eating a lot of nachos and drinking a lot of pop. Looking forward to getting stinky, smelly, muddy and foamy next year with family and friends.

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