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Local Fairs

Growing up I loved the Western Fair. The smells emanating from the food tent. The odours from the animals. The Cobra and The Matterhorn. All the people milling about.

The Markham Fair was our destination this afternoon. We rode about twelve rides, played about six games, and watched a few horses trot around the track. The carnies were unusual. There were lots of people enjoying the afternoon. As evening approached families like ours started to leave and teenagers and younger couples started to arrive.

Towns are smart to invest in their local fairs. It is a time to celebrate the town's local sports, dancers, farm produce, livestock, emergency service personnel, actors, magicians and interesting local people. It permits older attendees to travel back in time to the childhood magic of their local fairs. It exposes the children of today to the wonder and fun that is their local fair.

Nice job Markham.

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